You can see a variety of abilities in a single chart, and it helps you to be strong, comparable and orientated.

Your career and works

You can see more details about the daily report, as well as the contents of other users' timelines by clicking on a title in the timeline,

You can easily create daily reports on your work pages and check your workflow through the timeline. Of course, they share their daily reports with the same team, and they help fulfill their cooperative tasks.

It's easy to see a positon where you are entering data in work-related projects and making your career in which position, to be designed to understand the best position with your charts.

Once you have selected the data you entered, you can check, modify, and delete the contents right away, and upload the required data as a file. In addition, the skill used in the project through the input of the tech information, making it easy to chart popular visualizations.

You can easily check the progress of the work by inputting the task information with the project, and you can see the progress of each task with the percentage shown in the background.

Daily report
Easy daily report creation and timeline to keep track of your workflow
Business Report Confirmation
Timeline that easily identifies the contents of business reports.
Position chart through project
Visualizing professional positions through projects.
Enter skill data in detail.
Real-time charting with detailed skill data input information
Entering task information
Real-time visualization by inputting detailed information of task.


Visualize the elements of each ability with chart as human resources so that they can easily be applied to the required tasks and projects.

The memo feature in the work item allows you to save and check your important notes right away while working. You can reset the layout of the memo to a desired location by dragging and dropping it as needed, and you can check the memo on the main page.

You can set a background image that contains your personality in the List. the latest background image you set will be displayed when another user visits your List. Please try to change your own style.

You can upload your own photos, and you can appeal your own images on your career, skills, and so on. A simple image can be set to the angle that suits your own rotation.

Taking memo
Save and confirm notes as needed while working.
Set background image
Setting your own background image
Registering User Photo
You can make your own Ablists through what you upload your own photos.


Try to maintence your abilities on Working value