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Oct. 03, 2022 Version v1.7.0.0 has been released. new

UI with improved usability, bugs recognized while using, and necessary search functions have been strengthened. Also, the stability is increased.

Aug. 07, 2022Version v1.6.0 has been released.

hello. It's Abilities. Greetings after a long time. This time, usability has been improved so that you can easily upload files by drag-and-drop when uploading files, and systemic patches have been made for stability.

Jul. 17, 2021Version v1.5.1 has been released.

It has been improved with features that are small and have a great impact on usage rather than large ones. In version 1.5.1, the administrator can set a common project, the user can set the number of pages, and many small and many improvements have been made.

Jan. 17, 2021Version v1.3.5 has been released.

the resume management function is applied along with file encryption in this release. In addition, It has been added to the resume upload method by dragging and dropping files and selecting a file in the user's point of view.

Dec. 12, 2020Version v1.1.2 has been released.

We have added a notification function for reply to comments, and improved the design with small functions.

Oct. 5, 2020Version v1.0.0 has been released.

Domain and group management functions have been added. This version became the first official major version.
We would be grateful for your interest and support with v1.0.0 version. Shortcut

July 7, 2020 Version 0.9.7 has been updated.

Added the ability to leave comments and answers in your posts. We tried our best using Ajax so that you can make communication interactively. With simple and powerful features, you can check comments & replies on your posts with notifications and shortcuts. Shortcut

June 9, 2020 The stock management plugin has been released on Abilists.

Hello, Recently stock is a hot issue in Coronavirus. However, the stock management plug-in have been developed on Abilists because there is no memo and management tool for your stock trading. Installation is simple to install and use it on Abilists. Shortcut

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Abilists is a talent management system that grasps the current technology and growth trends from an objective point of view. Manage profiles, career, eligibility, projects and tasks, and share information with colleagues. By sharing progress and achievement, it is utilized in everyday communication and information among staff is activated.

Abilists is a work and evaluation platform inspired by the way you works. From open development source to your original service, you can host and review abilities, manage projects, tasks, and find professionalism alongside co-workers.

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